Central Idea

Looking for the crux of a poet’s thoughts is like looking at an ass’s crotch to figure out how much weight it would be able to carry.

For instance, the crux of Ghani Khan’s poetry may be:

Che Masti wi au zwani wi au janaan wi au dak jaam
Der guluna lag yarran au ghamgeen gwanday makhaam

(Would there be elation and youth, the beloved and a chalice full;
Several flowers and a few friends in a mellow evening.)

or it may be:

Sta da marga na yaregama pukhtoon yam
Kho mei tash jwandon au khushi marg ta kaar shi

(I am a Pukthun and am not afraid of death;
I am angered at an empty life and a desolate end.)


Chaghay wahi ajal Mulla ta auray ka na auray
Tasha khaora na dai Ghani sanga ba shi khaoray

(The end yells out, oh mullah, whether you hear or not!
Ghani is not mere dust, how will he turn to dust?)


Ma la zra da bachahano au seena da yo faqir ra.

(Grant me the bosom of a fakir, and a heart with a shah’s elation.)

and so on.

That is to say, one has to experience an artist’s work as a whole and ultimately draw one’s own conclusions.


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