Ghalib, Ghani, & Iqbal

Amongst these three poets, we see that Ghalib never gets political, Ghani rarely, and only in his youth, Iqbal mostly, and well beyond the bounds of decency. We must always remember that the poetic genius an individual exercises has never found any due explanation in the deepest of depth psychological analyses. And judging by such standards, Ghalib is a greater poet than Ghani Khan, and Iqbal never even recovered from his hangover completely, e.g. as soon as he uses the word ‘momin’, an insurmountable paroxysm of yawns brings tears to my eyes. But then, I do not have to be greater than you, or you than I – and in that very sense, I say that both Ghalib and Ghani Khan do equal justice to their lives through their respective works. Otherwise, whoever could be concerned with the statistical data on the number of women they courted (successfuly and/or unsuccessfully), their religious faith, or the number of drinks they downed in a usual binge.


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