Times have changed as far as recognition of depression as a disorder is concerned. Many people seek treatment for it and many doctors simply prescribe one or the other anti-depressant drug. It often works – the person starts feeling better within the same external environment. Perhaps human feeling is meant to be taken far more lightly than poets would have us believe? For an individual, alongside improving daily functioning, it could spell the end of most creative ventures. Freud once remarked that his Interpretation of Dreams suffered stylistically because he was feeling too good those days. Even so, most psychological suffering is utterly meaningless and alarmingly contagious. Treatment is immensely beneficial because sublimation – a mature defense according to modern psychology – is definitely not such an easy attribute to acquire:

aisaa aasaa;N nahii;N lahuu ronaa
dil me;N :taaqat jigar me;N ;haal kahaa;N

1) [it’s] not such an easy [task] to weep blood
2) strength in the heart, fitness in the liver– where?

(Ghalib; literal translation by Frances Pritchett)


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