South Asia Earthquake

Today’s earthquake was by far the worst for all of us. The catastrophic moment lasted for a few seconds on a bright Saturday morning, and it is dreadful to realize how destructive it was. The aftershocks linger on as the sheer force of nature is being explained away with fault lines and tectonic plates, and confronted boldly on the Richter scale. Thousands have been injured; thousands have died and are still dying, while millions who have lost their loved ones and their homes will soon begin to grieve. Naturally enough, for the majority, surviving with life, limb and property, and experiencing this day at a safer remove, another reminder of mortality will rapidly recede into oblivion. We love, hate, suffer, rejoice vulnerably, and are just as immensely capable of sympathy and kindess as of callousness or any inhumanity; and often, we respectably manage living out a mere excuse for a possibly meaningful life.

List of organizations and groups working to provide aid to people affected by the 7.6-magnitude earthquake.


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