Web Development

It is a relief and a pleasure to have shifted our web pages to WordPress. I was finally satisfied with the way they all look and function after having modified this and that, and installing and upgrading this and that plug-in to WordPress 1.5, only to discover that WordPress 2.0 is on the way.

It is worth noting that staying ‘current’ eats up a great deal of time, and here, a new temptation or syndrome needs to be avoided: geekiness! For half-knowers like myself, it is a beautiful waste of time – still better than watching television I must maintain – because certified geeks are very proud of who they are and often come up with quite useful web tools which are thanklessly put to all sorts of uses by the rest.

Dear Diary, after setting up an Urdu/Pashto text editor – e.g. Open Pad – for publishing Ghani Khan’s poetry online, I hope to drop out of the competition as abruptly as I quit smoking over two weeks ago.

Good luck to all of us!


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