Pakistan, circa 1860s

Pakistan, circa 1860s

These photographs have been kindly shared here by Malik Naveed Khan and Shiraz Khan. The exact dates and name(s) of the photographer(s) are unknown, and there is also some doubt as to the specific locations in some instances. Fortunately, what is most well-preserved is an accurate depiction of a certain age evoking a possibly profound sense of change in those who know these places well.

The images can be viewed in three sizes: thumbnail, medium and large.

The photograph titled “The road from Abbotabad to Simla Pahari” “Murree Mall Road (looking south), 1861” invites comparison with Ruisdael’s early landscapes where the animate and the inanimate forms—especially the trees, which other Dutch artists of his time used ‘merely as decorative compositional devices’—are imbued with an unmistakably grave and forceful character.

This post was previously published as “Pakistan, circa early 1900s”. Along with correction of dates and titles, here are six more pictures in addition to the previous ten.


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