Paradise Found: Islamic Architecture and Arts

This film is dedicated to the great artists of Islam whose names are unrecorded.

The art critic and art lover, Waldemar Januszczak, sets out on an epic journey of discovery across the Muslim world from Central Asia, to the heart of the Middle East and beyond to reveal a world of awe-inspiring architecture, spectacular Islamic treasures and a host of artists and craftsmen – to bring the largely unknown and fascinating story of Islamic art and architecture to the attention of the British public.

Much of Waldemar’s discovery includes objects and buildings that have previously received little if any televisual attention. Like the 10th century Egyptian jug carved out of a single piece of rock crystal – one of only three known in the entire world; like the stunning architecture of the Uzbekistan’s Samarquand; the incredible and surreal mud mosques of West African Mali; the inspired urban planning of the ancient city of Isfahan in Iran and the world’s first great and possibly greatest mosque in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Along the way he meets an array of characters, such as carpet-weavers, calligraphers, potters, jewellers and a supporting cast of local historians and experts. The result is a new and refreshing insight into the world of Islamic art, providing a stimulating introduction to an important culture of great tradition and wondrous beauty. Channel 4


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