‘Because It Was He, Because It Was I’

I was delighted to discover this lecture yesterday. Alexander Nehamas is one of my favorite authors and philosophers. I appreciate the fact that he frankly considers philosophy a way of life without suggesting that it is the best way (only because there is no best way of life), and tackles with great coherence elusive subjects like beauty, love, friendship, and subjects ‘unworthy’ of a philosopher – like television.

Alexander Nehamas, Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature: “‘Because It Was He, Because It Was I’ The Good of Friendship” – March 4, 2008

You may like to right-click and save this lecture in video (recommended) or audio format:

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Princeton University Podcasts

The President’s Lecture Series was established by President Shirley M. Tilghman in the fall of 2001 to give Princeton’s faculty an opportunity to learn about the work of their colleagues in other disciplines and to share their research with the University community. First proposed by Alan B. Krueger, the Lynn Bendheim Thoman, Class of 1976, and Robert Bendheim, Class of 1937, Professor in Economics and Public Policy, the lectures are presented three times a year and are open to the public. Past lectures have addressed a wide variety of topics, from “Jane Austen and War” to “How Bacteria Talk to Each Other.”

Alexander Nehamas discusses the nature and value of friendship in this Philosophy Bites interview with Nigel Warburton. Nehamas maintains that understanding a friend can be like understanding a work of art.

Listen to Alexander Nehamas on Friendship


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