Cultures in Harmony

Cultures in Harmony


p align=”center”>William Harvey, Emily Holden, Christopher Jenkins, Ethan Philbrick – Nysa Lounge

Pastorale by David Baker:
11 August 2009: The Pastorale was performed at my friend Bilal’s house on a pleasant monsoon afternoon. The lounge was transformed.

National Anthem of Pakistan:
9 August 2009: This is the National Anthem performed by CiH Musicians in Islamabad. It has appealed to… actually, everyone who has heard it. I would say it is the most memorable rendition of Pakistan’s National Anthem – others have said the same. Credit goes to William Harvey for thinking of arranging it for a quartet, and to all the musicians for playing it with such zest! Since this is a composition purely in the western style, it finds the perfect medium here.

The verses have been composed by Hafeez Jullundhri and the music has been composed by Ahmed G. Chagla. Speaking of fusion, and keeping its Urdu lyrics in mind, this is fusion. Although it is now coded in our DNA, and it is hard to imagine it being sung otherwise, I would like to point out at least one place where the words do not settle in too well with the melody: kishwar-e haseen shaad baad. Yes, the last two syllables where fusion is not seamless – don’t you think? Still quite acceptable.

As Chris pointed out, this may be the only national anthem (I haven’t heard all of them) which shifts from the major to the harmonic minor scale (at 0:23 in the slideshow): Pak sarzameen ka nizaam… Wonderful.


5 thoughts on “Cultures in Harmony

  1. zain khan

    تہذیبوں کے ملنے سے راواداری جنم لیتی ہے.– دیکھو اردو کیا کم مثا ل ہے– نفرتون سے دیواریں اُنچی ہوتی ہیں — کیا خوب تجربہ ہے

  2. zain khan

    پاکستان کا پھلا قومی گیت جگن ناتھ آزاد نے لیکھا– غیر تقسیم ہند کا سپوت تھا


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