8 October 2005

There are walls in many homes
on which some moss has grown

to keep those imprints leaning
along their lines and watch

the birds fly past their inner years
made of rooms and hills,

their courses quake in tempered dust.
The iris froze inside the day

and took no note of its falling
asleep with serpent curls

or flaming swords, flowing youth
and funerals. Lives are grave and

Graves are green with life,
gloom lazes in the summer grass.

Give up, live on, good man, good girl!
Go on and grieve! Give on and glow!

11:11 pm 8 October 2009


2 thoughts on “8 October 2005

  1. Huma

    Wow. magnificent, remarkable, fantastic. Lives are grave and graves are green with life. Keep the good work going. Benedictions. Waiting for your new creativity in photography.


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