Father Conroy


To the students of St. Mary’s Academy, Lalazar, Rawalpindi

With whom and for whom many of these little poems were written.

Michael Conroy

The wind has a lonely sound
As it sighs through leafless trees;
But lonelier still is the sobbing
Of dark and desolate seas.

The empty sands of Arabia
And the lonesome wastes of Sind
Are as void as the empty spaces
That lie round the world’s dark end.

But nothing on land or water,
In desert or jungle wild
Is quite as sad or as lonely
As the heart of a lonely child.

There’s a new moon softly shining
High above the silent hill;
But dark shadows fill the valleys
And the twilight woods are still.

There’s a river softly singing
As it glides upon its way;
There’s a bulbul softly calling
Very faint and far away.

There’s a new moon shining softly
While one lone and lovely star
Weaves his silver skeins of magic
On the hills of Lalazar.

Read more of his poems here.

Sixth Obituary of 2006 2nd of May 2006

We regret to announce the death in Loughlinstown Hospital, Dublin, on the 2nd of May, at the age of 81, of

Father Michael Conroy

May he rest in Peace

Fr Michael was one of four children. He was born on the 14th of February 1925 in Denny, Sterlingshire, Scotland.

He studied at Tullamore and Freshford. He studied philosophy at Burn Hall, Durham and theology at Mill Hill. He took the Perpetual Oath in 1948, and was ordained priest in Mill Hill on the 10th of July 1949.

Michael spent most of his life in education and youth work, going initially for a year to Freshford. He then studied history and economics at University College, Cork, and gained a BA in l953. He went to Kisumu from l953 to 1968 where he worked in schools and the seminary. He then went to Albany for a few years to do vocations promotion , appeals and publish the Mill Hill magazine. In 1971 he went to Rawalpindi where he was to spend a total of twenty seven years teaching in high schools and doing youth work.

While in the various places he ministered, Michael had been known both as a keen sportsman and sports coach. Also he was a writer perhaps known best for his poetry.

He had intended to retire in 1997 but soon returned to Pakistan. He finally retired to Ireland in 1999. He had been well loved and respected by his students and many old students from various parts of the world came to visit him in his retirement.

In 2002 his health deteriorated and he took up residence in a nursing home in order to get extra care. Three days ago he was taken to hospital where he died of acute pneumonia at 6 am this morning.


2 thoughts on “Father Conroy

  1. mansoor mian

    He was a total priest a total teacher and a total human being.He taught me to play soccer in Burn Hall School Abbottabad.He was our House master and when he left the school just deteriorated and fell into the hands of the biggest gangsters in pakistan The Army.

    1. Taimur Khan Post author

      My friends and I graduated from Saint Mary’s Academy Lalazar in 1991. He left before we reached O Level and he only taught us in the 7th grade, but he had the universal reputation of a dedicated teacher and a very kind man. Even students from the junior school enjoyed chatting with him. It was rare to actually admire a teacher in those days.


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