Nahid Akhtar & Ibn-e Insha

Not knowing its name, I had been looking for this song by Nahid Akhtar for some years and found it last night:

Ibn-e Insha said he never ‘joked’ in his poetry. He didn’t satirize for sure, but this lovely ghazal – like some of his other ones – is definitely amusing. I like the lyrics, the voice, the composition, and Inshaji’s modern invocation of the traditional muse.

aye matwaali badli kaali roop kaa ras barsaati jaa
man nagri ki ujri galiyaan soona dhaam basaati jaa

deewaanon kaa roop naa dhaarein yaa dhaarein batlaati jaa
maarein ya humein eent naa maarein logon say farmaati jaa

aur bohot say rishtay teray aur bohot say teray naam
aaj tu eik humaaray rishtay mehbooba kehlaati jaa

aur to kuch haasil nahin tujh say aye bay haasil aye bay meher
inshaji say nazmein ghazlein geet kabit likhwaati jaa


2 thoughts on “Nahid Akhtar & Ibn-e Insha

  1. zain khan

    انشاء جی غزل اور نظم ادق فارسی الفاظ نہیں استعمال کرتے– گیت پن اور نکھرجاتا ہے


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