Harmattan – The Doctor

Harmattan haze surrounding Abuja National Mosque. | Wikipedia

Do we need exotic leaves
to cerebrate our love?
It is already taking

root in the soil’s oblivion
where everything remerges,
from sallow swans to scribe.

Who knows what blew
whose temperament
in yesterday’s upheaval,

where a lovely dust storm
rose around the brick
kiln chimney smoke,

as super scaffolding
around insistent beams
of billowing homes.

6:05 pm 22 June 2010


1 thought on “Harmattan – The Doctor

  1. Baatoor Baachaa

    Character Traits of a politician

    Is he intelligent?Is he an idiot we do not know,for he sometimes thinks like a genious,but his acts are those of a madman.His face has a veneer of innocence,and then the looks of a criminal.Is he good?Is he a coward?He has the furious eyes of a tiger but he flees like a rat.He sees,and yet he appears blind.He lives,and yet sometimes one would believe he was dead.He is in heaven and hell at the same time.He has won everything and then lost it all at the same time.What he has no longer interests him.He is only interested in what he does not posses.He wants everything.He wants to take everything from the people,right down to their last shirt.He takes his pleasure in stealing from others what they have,whether it be precious possession or junk.He steals for the sake of it,he steals from everyone,even from his friends even from his family.such is his pleasure;such is his vice.He thinks that no one will notice,for he believes that he is surrounded only by thieves.If he looks at himself,the mirror swells and distorts the series of images he sees of himself:Great nationalist,man of glory,thief,chief bandit.These are,at least,the roles which he gives to himself.He never wavers between virtues and sin,for sin attracts him irresistibly and gives him more pleasure than virtue.His friends are upset about this.In an attempt to excuse him they say “He is a sick man”.But the people are not mistaken.They say”He is the greatest of all thieves”.What more no one can be mistaken about this man since we have all ,in one way or the other been his victims.


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