In memory of my mother, I have made a webpage called Carnations.


5 thoughts on “Carnations

  1. Aftab Datta

    I was very sorry to hear when she fell into bad health and of course of her passing.
    I’d like to extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family, Taimur.
    I am sure she was a wonderful lady and an even better mother.

  2. Mike

    She must have been very proud of you.
    She is not really gone – you, her jewel, her masterpiece stay.

    She just continues in another form.
    My sympathy and the warmth of my heart to all of you.

  3. Riaz Ahmad Barni

    Dear Taimur, Accept my heartfelt condolences & also convey to your father. May Allah SubHaanahu wa ta’Aala grant her maghfera & rest her soul in eternal peace. May Allah also give Sabr-e-jameel & strength to you & the entire family to bear this great loss. Taimur, please add to your noble mission her unfulfilled wishes. was-salaam,
    Yours in grief,
    Riaz Barni


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