Ibn-e Insha & Asad Amanat Ali

Ibn-e Insha (15 June, 1927 – 11 January, 1978)

Asad Amanat Ali Khan (25 September, 1955 – 8 April, 2007)

Kal Chaudhvin Ki Raat Thi – studio version [download mp3]

I found the original studio version of this song today. Asad Amanat Ali’s voice needs no recommendation, and for me, it also brings a host of childhood memories.

Now comes upon me long forgotten yearning
For the sweet solemn tryst those spirits keep.
I feel the trembling words of song returning,
Like airs that softly on the harp-strings creep.
The stern heart softens, all its pride unlearning,
A shudder passes through me, and I weep.
All that I have stands off from me afar,
And all I lost is real, my guiding-star.

Dedication, Goethe’s Faust Part 1 | Translated by Philip Wayne

Live on PTV (sarangi: Ustad Nazim Ali Khan)


3 thoughts on “Ibn-e Insha & Asad Amanat Ali

  1. leenah

    This is one of my fav. pieces of Insha! many thanks for gathering these pearls over here.
    Have you heard jagjeet’s version? That is also a treat.


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