Introduction to Philosophy

Maha - Photo by Taimur Khan


5 thoughts on “Introduction to Philosophy

      1. hissanb

        Haha! Nice connection didn’t think of it that way.
        However with regard to the Republic, my first reading of the book ended more in irritating confusion than in philosophical inspiration.That was until I read the interpretive essay by Allan Bloom. He contends that Plato’s idea about Philosophers Kings and the ideal city is not meant to be taken seriously. In fact, Bloom argues, Plato intends to be sarcastic when he gives this idea. Plato, by this line of thought, was no advocate of equality between the sexes.

        We’ll have to wait till Wollstonecraft (?) in the Western Tradition for support of women education and equality.

  1. Taimur Khan Post author

    Since Plato never speaks in his dialogues, no one can be sure what he exactly meant to say, and also because Socrates of the early, middle and late dialogues are quite different – but I can imagine he may not have been a ‘feminist’ as we understand the term today.

    Alexander Nehamas also contends that many individuals have furnished their own arts of living through their personal interpretations and Socratic narratives. By the way, The Art of Living is a book I highly recommend – you can see some of it in Google Preview.

  2. hissanb

    Yes, indeed the problem of seeing ourselves in the text is always present whenever one engages in a literary work especially of the kind of Plato’s because of the problems you pointed out.
    I’ve read about Nehamas on your blog and seems very exciting. But first I want to indulge in Nietzsche myself, get my hands dirty and then read alternative interpretations. Reading an interpretation can be an enticing teaser but also the ultimate spoiler for any any piece of art.
    However, Allan Bloom’s essay is brilliant provided you’ve read the text before. It transforms an otherwise overrated book to the one of the highest achievements of humanity.


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