Bach for Breakfast – Flute Sonata in G minor

Landscape with Dancing Figures by Claude Lorrain, 1648 | Click image for larger view.

C. P. E. Bach – Sonata for Flute in G minor, BWV 1020, 1st mvt Allegro; Flute, Harp, Cello [download file]

We first came across this piece quite by accident when I asked a friend to download some harp music on his desktop. I’ve had the most soothing associations with it for over a decade. It is a sonata – now attributed to J.S. Bach’s son, C.P.E. Bach – composed for “Flute or Recorder and Harpsichord”, but in my opinion, this recording wouldn’t have been what it is without the airy harp and simple cello accompaniment, instead of a harpsichord which has a charm of its own as you can compare.

It may appeal to you differently and there are different versions on YouTube as well, but I wanted to put that particular one here and give it more than a fleeting tweet. I’ve taken the false but aptly nostalgic title Bach for Breakfast from the original file.


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