The History of Western Philosophy

The History of Western Philosophy | Click image for larger view.

The History of Western Philosophy | Click image for larger view.


12 thoughts on “The History of Western Philosophy

    1. doctorzamalek

      That’s because they wrongly put Islamic philosophy on the “Eastern Philosophy” chart, which I saw on Facebook last week. Islamic philosophy *is* Western philosophy, based on Greek philosophers and Abrahamic monotheism. It’s also hard to make sense of a number of key developments in European philosophy without referring to Averroes, Avicenna, and the Islamic occasionalists, among others.

    1. Grandfather Politics

      Rand was a philosopher? Now there was something new!
      I don’t know about other circles, but neither economics nor political science regards her as anything of the sort. Especially pol.sci. would laugh at the notion, relegating her to a place as an author with political commentary, like Orwell – just much, much worse and without an actual point.
      I’m not sure Turing and Newton qualifies either, depending on what part of their work you want to include. Their scientific contributions wasn’t philosophy at least, it was science.
      (And now I run the risk of your post being troll/bait. It might be.)

      1. C

        “Learned women” is most definitely not a new concept. Women just weren’t documented. There are strong female philosophers not listed.

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