I was born and raised in Rawalpindi. I graduated as a doctor of medicine from Aga Khan University, Karachi in 2002. My interests include philosophy, reading world literature, writing poetry, playing Indian classical music, and it makes me very glad to be able to share them with you via this blog and site.

I feel grateful to my family, friends, masters, and certain other individuals in so many ways that I cannot say anything beyond this quatrain –

Little could one say by way of gratitude
Except that love of those we’ve loved can leave us in its debt,
Forgiving us our purely human nature, pranks,
Reveries, impertinence, hence, all that goes along with love.

These web pages are all offshoots of sarangi.info, my music archive project, which was realized in January 2005 with the help of Suhaib Kiani and Bilal Khan, joined in June 2007 by Saadullah Bashir and Aftab Datta:

North Indian Classical Music Archive
Life & Works of Ghani Khan 1914-1996
APMC – All Pakistan Music Conference

Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish,
whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth… –Song of Songs 7:12

3 September 2009—In over four years of website maintenance and dereliction – which will continue one way or the other – it is comforting to know that we could at least keep SWC (The Sarangi Weapons Complex) alive. No matter how the database tables broke, or how the suicide spammers blasted our footers and chased Googlebot away …I slept on. While it is better to find a more reliable host that promises 100 years of 99.9% uptime and a hackless life in a dream, it is best to celebrate the happier instances of living in general that break the mold of habit and continually set us free. Dear visitors, thank you for your patience and attention.

Taimur Khan