Raag Jaijaivanti | Sarangi: Taimur Khan | Tabla: Muhammad Ajmal | 9 July 2011 at Kuch Khaas

I was born in 1975, the youngest son in a non-musical family. I personally do not remember having had any affinity to any sort of music till the age of 13—this was when I started listening to pop/rock music with growing zeal.

My first musical instrument was the guitar which I picked up in 1990. I played and learned with friends at school, eventually composed songs and instrumentals, and occasionally performed at local concerts in Rawalpindi and Islamabad till 1996.

I also developed interest in all sorts of stringed instruments, especially ones belonging to the subcontinent. After having experimented with the rabab, sitar and violin, I finally bought a sarangi in April 1996, when I heard it being played by Ustad Nazim Ali in a recording of Roshan Ara Begum’s Jaunpuri. This was the first time that I approached Indian classical music seriously. As I was studying medicine in Karachi, it took me more than a year to find an ustad with whom I commenced sporadic lessons in Rawalpindi, in July 1997.

I returned home after graduation in October 2002 and intended to resume taleem with my guru, but unfortunately, Ustad Mubarik Ali died in December 2002.

In January 2003, I became the student of Ustad Mehfooz Khokhar and continued my pursuit on a daily basis. I also benefited from the study of invaluable recordings, texts, images, and commentaries put together by Rajan Parrikar. In April 2004, I became the student of Ustad Allah Rakha, the last living master of the sarangi in Pakistan.

Presently, I continue to broaden my knowledge and technique of classical music and the sarangi with daily practice and regular lessons with Ustad Allah Rakha. Alongside private gatherings, I perform at Radio Pakistan, Rawalpindi, and at events arranged by The All Pakistan Music Conference, Lahore. In February 2009, I was invited to Norway by Rikskonsertene (Concerts Norway) for a music workshop to collaborate and perform with two Norwegian musicians in February 2009.

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