Section from a Quran Manuscript, 18th century Morocco or Tunisia. Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper. | via | Click image for larger view.

ہوں میں بھی تماشائیِ نیرنگِ تمنّا
مطلب نہیں کچھ اس سے کہ مطلب ہی بر آوے

Even I am a spectator of the marvel of longing;
From this there’s no intention that only intention comes to fruition. –Ghalib

ﺯه ﺭحمان چي ستا د حسن ثنا خوان يم
ستا له ﺭويه دﺭست جهان ﺯما ثنا کړا

I, Rehman, that am the praiser of your beauty;
Because of you, the whole world praises me. –Rehman Baba